The Canadian Gallery consists of outdoor and nature photographs specifically selected for their appeal to collectors—as fine art pieces, for corporate decor, and for use as corporate gifts. Mike Grandmaison’s exquisite landscapes and inspirational, intimate views of the natural world may be viewed by theme:

Our Land offers a discriminating selection of Canada’s diverse, far-flung, awe-inspiring vistas. View

Our Skies showcase the vast, constantly-changing heavens and cloudscapes that frame our great land. View

The Flora provides intimate depictions of the fascinating plant life found in our varied landscapes. View

The Fauna is a collection of portraits of Canadian creatures, great and small, rare and common. View

Flowing Waters is a portfolio featuring this vast country’s pristine streams, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and oceans. View

Living Trees is a celebration of our life-sustaining companions and the forested communities they form. View

Impressions offers unique, artful photographic renderings that are truly one-of-a-kind. View

In Black & White explores the world of line, shape, form and texture in monochromatic splendour. View