The Process

The Images The images offered in The Canadian Gallery represent my vision of this great country called Canada. As I explore the width and breath of this strikingly picturesque land, I take extreme care in framing and composing the scenes I see in my viewfinder. Each of the images selected represents but a single view of one person’s vision at a particular moment in time, just as you would see if you walked a mile in my shoes, at the same time, under the same light, in the same season. This is a work in progress which will evolve throughout my lifetime.

It is my hope that this portfolio will inspire you to discover for yourself this most sublime of countries, Canada! Should you not find exactly what you are looking for, please contact us so that we may assist you in finding the ideal image from our vast collection of fine Canadian images for your private or public space.

Equipment and Recording Medium The equipment photographers use to make photographs has changed considerably since the appearance of the first camera. The medium used to record images has also changed drastically over the years, and perhaps most so in the last 5 to 10 years as we entered the digital age. It is important to realize that the equipment and recording medium are only the tools we employ in our craft to bring about our vision. Ultimately, it is the person behind the viewfinder that creates those beautiful images, not the equipment! Read more…