Mike Grandmaison

Mike Grandmaison is passionate about creating exquisite images that reflect the beauty of Canada. His award-winning imagery has been published worldwide, and is featured in his bestselling books - 15 to date – including Canada, The Canadian Rockies, Georgian Bay, Muskoka, Mike Grandmaison’s Prairie and Beyond, The St. Boniface Cathedral, Beautiful Alberta, and his latest, Mike Grandmaison’s Ontario.

Educated as a biologist, Mike has been photographing Canadian landscapes and natural habitats (from sea to sea to sea) since 1976, some 42 years. Mike worked in the biological sciences from 1976 to 1996 after which he launched a new career as a full-time, professional photographer specializing in the outdoors; he is currently celebrating 22 years in the business. His photography truly reflects the diverse beauty of one of the earth’s last frontiers. Mike’s intimate relationship with this country’s natural landscape is showcased in this premier collection of outstanding fine art photography—The Canadian Gallery.

Read Mike’s full bio. View Mike’s stock and assignment photographs on his main website as well as on this additional website Download Mike’s most recent CV_Grandmaison_Jan1_2016.